Head executive director and General manager of SACE

He started his career in IMI Capital Markets in London. Having received the degree of MBA in Insead and worked in McKinsey, he worked in the European bank of Reconstruction and Development for more than 5 years. Later he joined the Group UniCredit where he was responsible for international development of the Group. He headed banks of the Group UniCredit in Croatia, Bulgaria, and Turkey, after that he continued his work in Milan as head of global retail banking in 2010. In 2012 he took the position of head director for risks of the Group UniCredit, joined the cabinet of general director and executive committee. In March 2016 he was promoted to general director of ING Bank Italy.

Since June 2016 he has been heading the company SACE transformed into the Center for Support of Italian Export and Internalization. The main aim of the person who occupies this position in integration and development of activity within the framework of financialsupport of export and international growth of Italian companies in accordance with the Group CDP’s business plan for the period of 2016 – 2020.