Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, general director

Has degree in economics and business in Sapienza university, Rome (Università La Sapienza di Roma). He has worked in the multinational company SICPA Holding.

In 1997 he joined the group Intesa Sanpaolo, held various leading positions, including: managing director of the portal of electronic commerce Intesa Sanpaolo, manager of all Internet-initiatives, general director of Saving banks (Cassa di Risparmio di Città di Castello e Cassa di Risparmio di Terni e Narni); manager of Enterprise division in Rome. He was also appointed as deputy general director of the Saving bank of Florence (Banca CR Firenze).

Now he is general director of Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center and deputy of executive chairman of Neva Finventures, subdivision ofCorporate Venture Capital, Intesa Sanpaolo.