President of Broadcasting company RAI

President of the state broadcasting corporation RAI (Italy)

He started his career in 1984 in Gazzetta Ticinese (Lugano).

In 1987 he passed to Il Giornale.

In 2005 he was Il Giornale’s special correspondent in the USA, Germany, Great Britain, and France.

Since 2010 he has been heading this newspaper’s site

In 2011 he became general director of the editorial group TIMedia Holding (Switzerland) and Corriere del Ticino, the oldest and most influential newspaper in Italian Switzerland. In 2012 he took the position of the head manager of the publishing house Corriere del Ticino and the editorial group TIMedia Holding.

July 2018 – member of the board of directors of RAI.

September 2018 – Mr Foa was appointed president of the Italian broadcasting company RAI.

Elected member of the Executive council of the European Broadcasting Inion (EBU).